PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES: International Experience

Public health service is a foundation of the national health system, which is broader than just sanitation and control of epidemics. It also includes promotion of healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition to prevent and control non-communicable diseases. Effective public health services is a priority for the national security and not just the matter of consumer protection. Public health services are supposed to ensure continuity in all aspects of health management during different stages of human development:

  • For infants, the priority is proper vaccination
  • For children and youths, school health is very important
  • For young adults, the priority is reproductive health, physical activity and rational nutrition
  • For adults and middle-aged individuals, it is important to ensure safety at work, protect the environment and not to engage in risky behavior
  • For elderly individuals, management of chronic, degenerative diseases is the key

It is important to ensure continuity of public health services with provision of medical care. More effective we are with fighting causes of diseases less resources will be needed to treat them.

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