Starting in 2004, the telemedicine program was introduced in Kazakhstan as part of the government program of rural telemedicine. The Academy of Preventive Medicine is the leading organization responsible for implementation of this program. In more than 50 rural hospitals in Kazakhstan the Academy has installed telemedicine modules and trained local staff on how to use telemedicine equipment.

One of inventions of the Academy of Preventive Medicine inventions is Telemedicine Module, which is a combination of different types of telemedicine equipment integrated by a single platform. Kazakhstan Academy of Preventive Medicine provides counseling and support on how to design a telemedicine system, assemble a telemedicine module and organize telemedicine consultations.

The Telemedicine Module is the joint efforts of experts in medicine, public health, fiber-optic physics and telecommunication technologies. Such collaboration reflects a new paradigm in medicine as a broad discipline. It also reflects evolution from traditional medicine to medicine that is technology-driven – telemedicine.

Kazakhstan Academy of Preventive Medicine organizes trainings, which includes 2–3 week courses with didactic materials and demonstration of telemedicine equipment and consultations. Practical training is organized focusing on the technical service of telemedicine module.

Kazakhstan Academy of Preventive Medicine provides advisory services on how to select telecommunication infrastructure that is adequate for telemedicine consultations. Telemedicine consultations are organized with doctors from leading hospitals in the United States, Europe and other regional academic centers.

Almaz Sharman, President, Academy of Preventive Medicine
Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 66 Klochkov st, office 601
+7 (727) 317-8855