Telemedicine module is mobile, portable set of telemedicine diagnostic equipment integrated by special software called The system is designed to perform emergency and planned diagnosis and consultation of patients with various heart and lung conditions, diseases of eyes, ears, skin and internal organs. Remote consultations and distance learning programs are possible through videoconferencing.

Flexible configuration and the use of various types of telemedicine equipment makes the telemedicine module available for a wide variety of clinical applications. The telemedicine module integrates the following types of diagnostic equipment and peripherals:

• Telemedicine videoscopes: othoscope to visualize with high resolution and diagnose ear, nose and throat conditions; ophthalmoscope to assess eye functions; dermascope (microscope with low resolution) to diagnose diseases and injuries of skin and mucosal membranes.
• Illumination camera and light source is a hardware that integrates videoscopes.
• Telemedicine stethoscope to assess heart and lung functions.
• General observation camera to visualize patient.
• Polycom system is used to conduct videoconferencing.
• Portable ultrasound machine and EKG are also integrated into the telemedicine module.
• Telemedicine platform includes computer (CPU with LCD monitor), camcorder, VCR, laser printer and scanner.
• Telecommunication equipment: modem, router, satellite receiver and other types of equipment.

To ensure that permanent power source is available, the telemedicine module is equipped with power generators and a UPS system.

If necessary, other types of diagnostic equipment, such as gastroenteroscope, laparoscope, colposcope and nasopharingoscope, can be integrated into the telemedicine module. In addition, the module can be equipped with a laboratory system capable of performing basic blood analysis (CBC, blood chemistry).

One of innovations of Kazakhstan Academy of Preventive Medicine is a telemedicine software called It allows for an effective integration of computer interface with telemedicine equipment. (Kazakh version is, has an interface in Russian language. It uses simple commands and instructions. is a user-friendly product, it allows for logical integration of all components of the telemedicine module. is designed to effectively compress files and transmit them through IP communication.

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